llizavet (llizavet) wrote,

"Бармалей" (законченная версия)

Young children!
Not for anything in the world
Do not go to Africa,
Do not stroll in Africa!
[if you go] to Africa there are sharks,
In Africa there are gorillas
in Africa there are big, evil crocodiles
you will be bitten
beaten, hurt –
Do not go, children,
Don’t stroll though Africa.

In Africa there’s the pirate,
the villain is in Africa,
in Africa there’s the dreadful

He runs around Africa
and eats children –
Ugly, bad, greedy Barmaley!

And mommy and daddy
sitting under the tree,
and Daddy and Mommy
tell their children:
"Africa is horrible,
yes, yes, yes!
Africa is dangerous,
yes, yes, yes!
Do not go to Africa,
kids, never!"

But when Daddy and Mommy fell asleep in the evening,
Little Tanya and Vanya – to Africa they ran –
to Africa!
to Africa!

Strolling through Africa,
They tear figs and dates from trees,
[Oh,] but Africa!
Behold, Africa! Africa!

They saddle a rhino,
ride it a bit -
well, in Africa!
Behold, Africa!

With elephants on the move,
They play leapfrog –
But, Africa!
Behold this Africa!

[who should approach them but]
a gorilla, gorilla
The gorilla talks to them
And they talk with the gorilla,
"Sharky Malarky
Opens its cruel mouth.
Do you want to get
Right there, in its mouth? "

"We, will get the shark,
We’ll disregard this warning,
We will beat Sharky Malarky with
bricks, bricks,
We will get Sharky Malarky with
Fists, fists!
We will get Sharky Malarky, we’ll
Kick, kick!"

The shark was scared
They drowned him with fear-
Serves you [right], shark!

But here in the swamps
There is a hippo that roars,
he goes, he goes through the swamp
and roars loudly and angrily.

Tanya and Vanya laugh,
Ticked its belly:
"ah, but this belly,
What a belly –

The behemoth cannot not stand such insults,
[and he] Fled for the pyramids
Barmaley, Barmaley
He shouted:

"Barmaley Barmaley Barmaley!
Come out, Barmaley, hurry!
These nasty children Barmaley,
Do not pity them, Barmaley,
do not be sorry!"

Tanya and Vanya tremble -
Barmaley sees. He strolls through Africa,
And over all of Africa he sings:

"I’m the bloodthirsty,
I'm the ruthless,
I am the angry pirate Barmaley!
And I do not need
Neither marmalade,
Nor chocolate
but only small
(Yes, very small!)
Children! "

His scary eyes sparkle,
His scary teeth gnash,
He ignites a terrible cookfire,
He screams a terrible word:
"Carabas! Carabas!
Have lunch now! "

The children cry and weep,
They beg of Barmaley:

"Dear, dear Barmaley
Have mercy on us,
Let us go as quickly as possible
Back to our dear mother!

To run off from our mother,
Will never will again,
And our Africa stroll
We’ll forget forever!

Dear, dear eater,
Shoe mercy on us,
We'll give you candy,
Tea with biscotti! "

"No-o-o !!!"

And said Tanya, Vanya:
"Look, in an airplane
Someone flies the skies.
It’s the doctor, it’s the doctor,
The good Doctor Ouchy! "

The good Doctor Ouchy
Flies past Tanya and Vanya
Tanya-hugging Vanya
And to the villain Barmaley
Smiling, he says:

"But please, my dear,
My dear Barmaley
Untie, release
These little children! "

But the villain grabs Ouchy
And throws him into the fire
And in the flames screams Ouchy:
"Oh, it hurts! Oh, it hurts! Oh, it hurts!"

And the poor children lie under a palm tree,
And look at Barmaley
And cry and cry and cry!

But across the Nile
The Gorilla appears,
The Gorilla appears,
And she leads the Crocodile!

The good doctor Ouchy
Says to the crocodile:
"Well, [if you please]—immediately!--
Swallow Barmaley instead,
the greedy Barmaley,
so that he won't swallow
These little children! "

He turned,
He smiled,
The Crocodile laughed
And swallowed the villain
Like a fly,
He swallowed him!

Glad, glad, glad, glad were the children,
And they danced and played by the fire:
"You have,
You have
Saved from death,
You freed us.
How lucky that you
Saw us,
oh kind

But in the Crocodile’s stomach
Dark and cramped, and gloomy;
in the crocodile’s stomach,
Barmaley was crying, crying:

"Oh, I will be kind,
I’ll fall in love with the kids! Don’t destroy me!
Have mercy on me!
Oh, I will I will I will be better!"

The children pitied Barmaley,
And they said to the crocodile:
"If he will truly be good,
Let him go, please, let him come back!
We will take Barmaley,
We’ll take him to distant Leningrad!"

The Crocodile nods,
Opens his mouth wide -
And from [inside him], smiling, springs Barmaley
And the persona of Barmaley was kinder and mild:

"I'm glad, I'm glad,
To go to Leningrad! "
[Says] Dancing, dancing Barmaley!

"I’ll be good, I’ll be good, yes, good!
I’ll bake for children, for children
Cakes and biscuits, pretzels!

The bazaars-- to the bazaars I’ll go, I’ll stroll!
I get gifts, a gift of cakes to distribute to children,
Pastries, bagels, and treats for the children.

For Vanya
And for Tanya
And for me, for me I’ll have
Mint gingerbread!
[and] Surprisingly pleasant . . .

Come on,
[There’s] not a penny to pay,
Because Barmaley
Loves the little children,
Loves, loves, loves, loves,
Loves little children!"
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